Hello, I'm Annemarie Koppenaal

Success Coach | International Speaker | Trusted Mentor | Female Entrepreneur

About me

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for people. I like to get to know them, understand what motivates them, where they are heading in life and how they think they will turn their vision into reality. Then I will do whatever is in my power to assist, guide, coach and mentor them on their journey. That’s why I am a Success Coach and a balanced Female Entrepreneur.

I live with my husband and 4 young children in Leiden, The Netherlands. I love to work both nationally and internationally. Whether on Skype/Zoom from my office or travelling near and far to meet my clients, speak for engaged audiences of attend and deliver training & coaching on the topics: personal development, successfully balanced life, and business growth.

In my heart lies the firm belief that life can be enjoyed fully when personal goals are met in five key areas in life. I promote female entrepreneurship and financial independence for women and men alike. My base is the conviction that each person has a set of talents and values, which, when combined and fine-tuned, are the strongest foundation for ultimate growth: personally, in business, in relationships.

At the same time, I know from personal experience that life can be challenging and balance might be hard to find. This is exactly why I dedicate my energy and focus to this topic: I celebrate you in your success!


I believe life is full of challenges, wonders and priceless experiences

I'm an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and speaker. I'm analytical, an enormous planner and focus on details. Most I value relationships, personal development, giving and sharing.

Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout the years I’ve studied and worked, ran a marathon, lived in the US, France, Belgium and the Netherlands,           back-packed around the world, climbed mountains, I am an entrepreneur, an investor and a proud mom of four unique children. All these experiences have given me a unique angle on life's challenges and opportunities.

Success Coach

Through my partnership in a global coaching and mentoring movement at Your Success Blueprint I am able to reach even more lives creating a sustainable transformational experience through a six week success coaching program.

International Speaker

I inspire people to reconnect to what really matters – the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, balance, relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life.

Female Entrepreneur

People often ask me: ‘How can you do so many things in one day?’ Because I want to!

‘Do you never get tired or burned out? ’Well, as a mom of four young children… I better not!  

It serves me best to have clarity of intention and laser focus.

                              My secret: I switch my focus from area to area many times a day, but within each area I apply single focus

During my many positions in Sales, Food&Beverages and Team management in 5* hotels, on river cruise ships and in luxury event organizing, I developed my business and leadership skills. But something was missing: the excitement and freedom of living a successful, balanced life in health, wealth and meaningful relationships.
Now I’ve found all in entrepreneurship, family live, investments & contribution!

Starting from scratch as an entrepreneur when founding my Coaching & Training company in 2009, I entered a whole new learning process. This soon led to a joint venture in Leadership programs. Both companies prospered and grew, presenting me with new challenges at each turn – leadership, investments, partnerships and marketing. It is with pleasure and pride that I still own these companies today.

Through my partnership in a global coaching and mentoring movement at Your Success Blueprint I am able to reach even more lives, creating a sustainable transformational experience through a six week success coaching program.


Jane de Lira - Financial Specialist

"What are you working on and how can I support you?"

A few questions which Annemarie posed me during our first meeting - and these typify her.
She is warm, encouraging and always willing to share her experience and expertise with you.

So you can grow and reach your goals!


Aura Kuipers - Business & Marketing Strategist

The first time I met Annemarie, she was speaking at an event. She surely knows what she is talking about. She inspired me that starting a family next to my female entrepreneurship is definitly possible.      

I rarely encounter such a strong and energetic woman who coaches others to actually determine & reach their goals in all areas of life. 

Annemarie, with this review I'd like to thank you for being such an wonderfull example for myself and our society!

Anne Roos Radings - Productie Manager Zoo Elements

Thank you so much for the coaching sessions we’ve had so far. I want to recognize you for your great work! You have a very goal-oriented approach that assists your coachee to dig deep into their personal approach to life.

You’ve helped me think thoroughly about my aspirations and how I can reach them. The questions you ask are sometimes confrontational, but always sincere and have gotten me to whole new ways of thinking about myself and my surroundings.

Together, we reached the conclusion that balance is very important in my life. Especially in the areas work/business, private life and health.
Investing in oneself is the most valuable and important investment someone can grant him- or herself. This is the foundation for all you achieve in life and it determines your success rate in achieving your goals.

I‘m convinced your coaching program is supporting me. It definitely determines how successful I am in achieving my goals!